3 Websites with Excellent and Legal Music for Videos

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Password at KigaliUp Music Festival 2013 by Laura Elizabeth Pohl

Rwandan artist Password performs at the KigaliUp Music Festival on the grounds outside Amahoro Stadium in Kigali, Rwanda, on Saturday, July 13, 2013. Photo © Laura Elizabeth Pohl

I spend a lot of time researching music for videos that I produce, so I thought I’d share my top three websites for very good, license-free, legal and free (or cheap) music. Be sure to check that the songs you’re downloading are Creative Commons licensed in a way that matches your needs.

Pond 5 – http://www.pond5.com
Price: $2 and up
Selection: Excellent
Searchability: Very easy
Comments: One of the easiest-to-navigate and best music websites out there. Keyword searches are pretty accurate in bringing up songs that match what you want. You can sort through songs by length, sales history, price and several other factors. The music player loads quickly, so you’re not waiting forever to listen to a song. You can organize songs into bins that you name (this option requires creating a account). Pond5 is especially good when you need music of a certain length.

Free Music Archive – http://freemusicarchive.org/
Price: Free for non-commercial use
Selection: Good
Searchability: OK
Comments: There are many wonderful gems in the Free Music Archive but it takes patience to find them. I’ve had the most luck by listening to selections on FMA’s music for video blog. I’ve found that searching by keyword isn’t very accurate. When browsing the FMA’s whole catalog, I end up using the pre-selected categories like “classical” and “instrumental,” and then listening to many, many songs. It’s worth it.

Jamendo – http://www.jamendo.com
Price: Some songs are free for non-commercial use
Selection: Excellent
Searchability: OK
Comments: A huge selection of songs of all types and quality. Using the “advanced search” option is key so you can weed out songs by keyword, Creative Commons license type, language and artist country. The music player loads much more slowly than on Pond5 and the FMA. I find this site is best when you have a lot of time to research music.


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naveed azeem says:

May 30, 2014 at 12:24 am

I am from India, I am a musician. I compose songs which talk about the situation s and issues world is having t.hese days
Recently I am done with a song named ‘change’ which purely gives an idea of changing our decisions , by choosing what’s right for ourselves instead of blaming government. .
Song has two languages English and Hindi . And two geners as well. Rap and Sufi. I wanna share my thoughts which reflects in the music video through your portal. Coz I dint get any other NGO who work in such a way. Thank you


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