Four Ways to Steady Your Camera Without a Tripod

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You’re out photographing and suddenly need a tripod. What to do? Follow these four tips for keeping your camera steady. – Tweet that!

Viewfinder - Steadying your camera without a tripod - NGO Storytelling
If you have a viewfinder, use it.

The more points of contact your body has with the camera, the less shaky you’ll be when holding the camera.
Brace yourself - Steadying your camera - NGO Storytelling
Brace yourself against a wall.

Leaning against a wall, a tree trunk or even a lamppost may be all you need to help you steady your shot.
Makeshift tripod - Steadying your camera without a tripod - NGO Storytelling
Create a makeshift tripod.

Any steady surface can be a good makeshift tripod. You may have to prop up your lens slightly upward to properly frame your shot — you can use a book, a stack of business cards or a folded up piece of paper to tilt the lens up.
human tripod for NGO storytelling by Laura Elizabeth Pohl
Make yourself into a human tripod.
Hold your elbows close to your body and widen your stance. It’s not the most attractive pose, but at least your shot will be steady!
What other tips do you have for steadying your camera without a tripod? Let us know in the comments.
(Photos by Laura Elizabeth Pohl’s husband.)

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