World Cancer Day: Beth’s Story

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As many of you know, NGOStorytelling has tracked important days in development for quite some time. But this year we decided that putting a mark on the calendar isn’t enough. Instead, we want to share the work that nonprofits and media makers are doing to bring awareness to their cause. We believe in building a community of storytellers and that sharing stories will inspire all of us to do more creative, impactful work.


We found Beth’s story at Bringing Hope Home striking. Beth was 27 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. As a fitness instructor, she was living what she thought was a healthy life at the time of her diagnosis. Determined to stay fit, she did squats and yoga while hooked up to an IV. Beth breaks every stereotype of the sickly cancer patient.



Bringing Hope Home is a non-profit that provides unexpected amazingness to local families with cancer in the greater Philadelphia area. They offer a one-time grant to pay essential household bills for families while they are going through cancer treatment. The organization was started after their founder Paul lost his wife Nicole to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after a 6-year battle. It became his mission to help other families in need.


In 2016, Bringing Hope Home helped 759 families. You can join themhelp them reach their goal of supporting another 750 families this year.


Bringing Hope Home worked with JTWO Films, an integrated creative content and video production company focused on finding new ways of sharing stories. They also started the Projects that Matter Initiative with the goal of bringing professional content to nonprofit organizations. See more stories from this dynamic duo here.


We’re always on the lookout for nonprofits and media makers who share their passion through powerful stories. If you’d like to be featured on NGOStorytelling please contact us at


Note: Bringing Hope Home is a local organization and does not provide services outside the greater Philadelphia area.

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