We’re Away for the Holidays

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When Laura and I started collaborating on NGO Storytelling our goal was to share stories and experiences to help inspire and inform other humanitarian photographers. We love building connection and community around things like storytelling, ethics, and media. Thank you for sharing the journey with us.

Some of the highlights this year were recording our first four podcasts, this story flow chart, two in-person events with humanitarian storytellers in Baltimore and New York, and collaborating with lots of other smart people on forty blog posts.

We are so glad you’ve joined us in this space and we hope you’ll come back next year. For now, Laura and I are taking the month of December off (<–click me, I’m fun!) to be with our families for the holidays and wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

We’ll start building our editorial calendar early next year, so if there is a subject you’d like us to talk about or a monthly theme you’d like us to consider be sure to drop us a note at hello@ngostorytelling.com. See you next year!

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