Musician Chad Crouch — aka Podington Bear — on Composing and Licensing Music

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I first learned of the musician Chad Crouch — also known as Podington Bear — several years ago when I heard one of his instrumental songs on a “This American Life” episode. The music was beautiful, emotional and evocative — perfect for some of the nonprofit videos I edit, I thought. […]

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Copyright Lawyer Ceren Taygun on Understanding Copyright and Contracts

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Ceren Taygun is an international copyright lawyer and PR consultant based in the Middle East. She holds a Masters in Criminal and Intellectual Law from the University of Amsterdam and formerly worked for NORMA, a Dutch collective management organization for performers’ rights. Disclaimer: This interview does not provide legal advice […]

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5 Google Analytics Metrics to Help You Understand Your Audience

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Earlier this month Crystaline wrote that understanding your audience is the most important part of nonprofit storytelling. Now I’ll expand on one of the suggestions she gave in her write-up: using Google Analytics. I don’t have any special qualifications for writing this post except that for five years I’ve worked […]

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Jobs Around the World: May 2017

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Visual Communications and Outreach Specialist at the Public Health Institute in Washington, D.C. Deadline: Open until filled Create relevant technical content including articles, blogs, Photo Stories, and other material used to communicate GHFP-II’s efforts to develop a diverse GH workforce, and share our participant’s (Fellows and Interns) stories. Support the […]

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What You Should Charge Nonprofits for Photography

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One of the top questions people ask me and Crystaline is “How much should I charge nonprofits for photography?” They want to know about standard industry rates, which is important and should be a factor in determining what to charge. You don’t want to undercut the whole industry – and […]

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How I Convinced One Nonprofit That Storytelling Was Worth Paying For

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I hung up my cellphone and wondered if I had just ruined my chance to get my humanitarian photo career going. A nonprofit director, who found me through an old college professor, wanted to send me to Laos for one week to write stories and shoot some photos about his […]

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Jobs Around the World: March 2017

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Director of Communications for Fundación Capital in Bogota Deadline: April 10, 2017 • Communication Strategy & Branding​: develop, adjust and implement a global communications strategy that brings a distinctive presence to FundaK; advance the company’s brand and supervise the implementation of branding guidelines; develop organizational messaging, building on a recent […]

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Rwandan Photographer Mussa Uwitonze on Changing Visual Perceptions of His Country

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Mussa Uwitonze began learning photography as a nine-year-old boy selected to work on a photo project at Imbabazi Orphanage in Gisenyi, Rwanda, where he grew up. He now lives in Kigali with his wife and two children. You can see his work at and on Instagram at @photo_mussa. Thank you for […]

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My Path to a Humanitarian Photography Career (or What I Did When Photography Couldn’t Pay the Bills)

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(Writer’s note: A version of this post first appeared on my personal blog.) Like most humanitarian photographers, I haven’t always had steady work. In fact, I’ve worked all kinds of jobs to support myself while trying to build a business and confidence that I could make it as a photographer. Here’s a list […]

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