Four Ways to Steady Your Camera Without a Tripod

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You’re out photographing and suddenly need a tripod. What to do? Follow these four tips for keeping your camera steady. – Tweet that! If you have a viewfinder, use it. The more points of contact your body has with the camera, the less shaky you’ll be when holding the camera.     […]

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How to Create a Simple Video Interview Setup

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1. MAKE SURE YOUR EQUIPMENT IS READY — Ensure your camera battery is fully charged and your memory card has enough space. — A tripod will keep the camera steady during the whole interview. Attempting to handhold the camera will make much of the footage shaky and unusable. Even a simple tripod, like […]

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New Skills: How to Shoot a Great Portrait

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You’ve got 5 minutes to photograph a lovely father you just interviewed. You’re a bit nervous about getting a nice shot because, well, time is short and you want a picture that conveys something of the man’s personality but also looks pleasing. Try these tips for shooting a great portrait:   1) […]

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