How to Rework a Story for Social Media

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This month we wanted to get down to practicalities and show you how to rework a story for different social media channels. Today, I’ll share the way I used a video story for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While my demonstration in these posts uses a video for the major links […]

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The Value of Telling a Real Story – Warts and All

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Oftentimes, the real-life stories we remember the most are marked by twists and turns, obstacles, and failure. Like the one about the world-famous ballerina rejected from a ballet academy when she was 13. Or the one about a man’s sleepwalking disorder that nearly killed him. Or the one about a […]

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Visual Stories for Nonprofits: ICRC’s Syria Street

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Malak Jaafar is the Digital Content Manager at the ICRC in Lebanon. She has been working with the ICRC’s Communications Department since 2014. She is based in Beirut.   We recently saw your multimedia story called “Syria Street” and we were really impressed by your innovative use of design, audio, […]

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World Cancer Day: Beth’s Story

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As many of you know, NGOStorytelling has tracked important days in development for quite some time. But this year we decided that putting a mark on the calendar isn’t enough. Instead, we want to share the work that nonprofits and media makers are doing to bring awareness to their cause. […]

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Podcast 1: How We Get Work as Humanitarian Photographers

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Laura has been getting emails about how she gets work since NGO Storytelling began in 2012 and it is still the most frequent email we receive. We are passionate about creating content that you want to see (or in this case hear) and based on your feedback, finding out how […]

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Three Ways to Make Yourself Easy to Work With

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When I worked on staff at a nonprofit and had the budget to hire freelancers, my main goal was to work with people who made my life easier. I thought of that a lot when I started running my photography and video business full-time. I try to be very easy to […]

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Three Insights From the “I’m a Mormon” Videos

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For a few years now I’ve found myself a repeat visitor to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website. It’s not because I’m looking to join the church. No, it’s because they’ve got this fantastic “I’m a Mormon” video series filled with everyday people, funny moments, surprising facts, and excellent editing – […]

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Jobs Around the World: July 2016

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NOTE: Please don’t send your job applications to NGO Storytelling. We aggregate these postings as a service to you. To apply for a position, click the “Learn more about this job” link beneath each listing. Thanks! Photographer/Photo Editor for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency in East Jerusalem  Assist in […]

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The Lighter Side of Humanitarian Storytelling

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It’s been another heartaching couple of weeks in this world. Clashes in South Sudan, bombings in Turkey and shootings in the United States. It can be easy to lose sight of the humanity and the hope still out there – and of course, there is plenty of both. So with all […]

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