What I've Been Reading and Experimenting With: Video Toolkit, Bucharest Storytelling Conference, Prezi and More

Hi there, dear readers. How've you been? So sorry about the long delay between posts. Life got busy and something had to give, so it was blogging. But I'm back now! Here are some stories I've been reading and programs I've been experimenting with, all in the name of becoming a better storyteller:

  • USAID and FHI360 recently created a toolkit for using low-cost video in agricultural development. I first saw this kit presented at a meeting over the summer and thought it was applicable to non-ag projects; I still feel the same way. My only critique is the kit desperately needs a discussion of ethics and consent.
  • You can dig into the power of storytelling at the Bucharest Narrative Journalism Conference on October 5 & 6. Speakers include radio producers, a videojournalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning writers.
  • For the past few months I've sporadically experimented with Prezi, which is basically a PowerPoint presentation that zooms in, out and around. It's cool-looking, much more engaging than PowerPoint -- and more time-consuming to create, in my opinion. Doesn't help with the presentation's substance, unfortunately.
  • Calling all small NGOs: You need to tell your own story and create a strong brand. (Via Fast Company's Co.Exist blog)
  • Did you know tweets will be downloadable by the end of the year? No more scrolling down and down to uncover that sparkling tweet your wrote three months ago. (Via Mashable)

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