Replace our actual business numbers in this worksheet with your numbers to calculate your monthly, daily and hourly rates.


Cost of Doing Business Financial Worksheet

A Product from NGO Storytelling


Calculate Your Cost of Doing Business With Our Customized Financial Worksheet

We’ve both run profitable photography businesses for years. Knowing our cost of doing business (CODB) has played a HUGE part in that. But we know not all photographers are comfortable calculating their CODB. We’ve heard many reasons why. I don’t know how many jobs I’ll get this year, people say. I’m awful with numbers, they say.

Our response is, if you don’t know your CODB, then you are running your business from a position of weakness. This is because you don’t have clear knowledge of the minimum amount of money you need to earn to cover your expenses, let alone live your life. We’re sure you don’t want that. And we don’t want that for you, either! When you know your CODB, you can negotiate with clients from a position of power and make smart financial decisions for your business so you stay profitable. It’s win-win all around.

What can the NGO Storytelling CODB financial worksheet do for you?

  • Help you figure out the minimum monthly, daily and hourly earnings you need to run a profitable business — just plug in your numbers and the rest is automated.

  • Help you think about what salary you want to earn after paying for all your business expenses (including taxes) and saving for your personal and/or business financial goals.

  • Give you a robust list of business expense categories so you understand how you should group your expenses.

  • Give you a peek into someone else’s financial life: the worksheet comes pre-filled with Laura’s real numbers from a recent year of business. We all love being a little nosey, right?

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You don’t need to be a math nerd or a business whiz to understand your CODB. You just need the mindset of a business owner intent on being confident, successful and profitable in your photography career.

The worksheet can be purchased at any time and costs just $49. You'll need Microsoft Excel or a free Google Drive account to open the worksheet.