Understand the trust cost of running a photography business and learn to price your services fairly – all in about an hour.


How to Price Nonprofit Photography

An e-Course from NGO Storytelling


You Can Run a Profitable Nonprofit Photo Business

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get at NGO Storytelling are some variation of “What should I charge a nonprofit for my photography?” We struggled with this question and more in the early years of our career.

We want you to be confident and successful in your nonprofit photography business.

We don’t want you to go through what we went through! So we’re here to help. We want you to be confident and successful in your nonprofit photography business. This course includes: 9 videos and 9 corresponding worksheets, 3 bonus worksheets and 1 bonus podcast. Plus we’ll invite you to join our private Facebook group of NGO Storytellers. Check out our FAQ for more details on the course. Registration begins on April 22 and ends on April 28. You’ll have access to the course videos and bonus materials from May 1 to July 31.

What Is This Course About?

This online course is a roadmap to help you better understand what you need to charge to stay profitable and in business. It’s geared more toward beginners but also provides valuable insights for photographers with years of nonprofit photography experience. By the end of this course, you should be able to:

• Understand the average costs for a photography business.
• Dispel the myth of a single or standard rate in photography.
• Calculate your cost of doing business (CODB).
• Understand how to you use your CODB calculation as a starting point for setting photography rates, whether that be a day rate, a per picture rate or something else.
• Understand image licensing and how to use it as a tool meet your client’s budget.
• Understand photography service descriptions you should be charging for.
• Negotiate your rates with improved skill.
• Feel more confident when it comes to asking to be paid for your services.

Setting your numbers and sticking to them can be difficult. As creative professionals we are often asked to lower our numbers or even work for free. This can feel especially difficult when working with nonprofits whose mission you admire. But if you want to run a successful photography business for nonprofits, you have to be paid fairly for your work to stay in business. We’ll help you find the number that allows you to be paid fairly while doing the work you love.

Learn more in our FAQ.


Your Instructors

Crystaline Randazzo (right) is a photographer, filmmaker, and content strategist who works with nonprofits and international organizations to share their stories through photos and videos. Her goal is vibrant, honest, and emotional storytelling that resonates with any audience.

Laura Elizabeth Pohl (left) has photographed and filmed for dozens of nonprofits across the United States, Africa and Asia. Her work has been honored by FotoWeek DC and the United Nations Association Film Festival, among others.

What People Are Saying

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“It can often be quite a challenge to find accurate information and resources online on pricing photography. There is a bit of weariness when you cold email someone to ask a business question. NGO Storytelling closes that gap. Crystaline and Laura have committed themselves not only to elevating their own work, but investing and supporting upcoming non-profit photographers and non-profit organizations. I highly recommend the course and will be sharing in my direct photography communities. It’s actual photographers speaking to photographers, sharing and providing excellent advice and business resources.”

Teanna Woods Okojie, Photographer, Filmmaker and e-Course beta tester

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“Being a full-time, successful humanitarian or documentary photographer also means being a full-time, successful businesswoman. The learning curve is steep for creatives, and hard to grapple with at the beginning stages of your career. We’ve all made mistakes in our pricing, our contracts, our promises to our clients – usually by underestimating our time, sweat & worth. And it’s hard, even daunting, to find someone to mentor us. Crystaline and Laura are professionals dedicated to growing the industry by helping others – educating both budding photographers and the NGOs we serve. Even as a veteran of 10 years in this work, I’ve learned from their wisdom by either seeing something from a new perspective or validating something I’ve been questioning. I wish I had this course when I first changed career paths. I would have made fewer stumbles & felt more confident with the product I was putting out there.”

- Babita Patel, Humanitarian Photographer, Executive Director of KIOO Project, and e-Course beta tester


"In a profession where every job can be different, it's helpful to see how others navigate common business practices. This course dives right into open and honest conversations about real world situations and topics that are too often ignored. Working with non profits brings a plethora of rewards but also unique challenges. Much of what this course does is empower individuals to ask the tough questions so that your passion projects or work remains maintainable and ultimately successful."

-Rebecca Gaal, Humanitarian and Conservation Photographer, e-Course beta tester


“This was a great course! Though I had already done some research, this was invaluable information, not only on pricing, but what to expect when you work and negotiate with nonprofits. I worked in a nonprofit for ten years but didn’t have to deal with any pricing or contract elements. It’s a whole new world being out on my own, working with multiple organizations. I really appreciated Laura and Crystaline’s openness and transparency, which is rare in our field. This course also confirmed my thoughts on price and validated that I should be rightly compensated for the value I bring.”

-Brea Persing, Photographer & Visual Storyteller, e-Course beta tester