Understand the trust cost of running a photography business and learn to price your services fairly – all in about an hour.


How to Price Nonprofit Photography

An e-Course from NGO Storytelling


You Can Run a Profitable Nonprofit Photo Business

Some of the most frequently asked questions we get at NGO Storytelling are some variation of “What should I charge a nonprofit for my photography?” and “How do I ask NGO organizations to pay me when they want me to work for free?” We struggled with these questions and more in the early years of our career.

We want you to be confident and successful in your nonprofit photography business.

We don’t want you to go through what we went through. So we’re here to help you figure out the answers to both questions. We want you to be confident and successful in your nonprofit photography business. This course includes: 8 videos, 5 bonus worksheets and 1 bonus podcast.

Starting Sunday, February 24, we’re offering discounted $99 slots for 5 beta testers. You’ll have access to the course videos and bonus materials from March 1 to March 29. In return for a reduced price, you agree to give us constructive feedback about your course experience. Read about what it means to be a beta tester. And check out our FAQ for more details on the course.

What Is This Course About?

This online course is a roadmap to help you better understand what you need charge to stay profitable and in business. It will give you the understanding and the knowledge to help you say yes to the right jobs and no to the wrong ones. Topics covered include:

• Understanding the average costs for a photography business.
• Dispelling the myth of a single standard rate in photography and show you what to do instead.
• Learning service descriptions that other photographers provide their clients and that you can, too.
• Calculating your cost of doing business.
• Setting photography rates.
• Negotiating rates with nonprofit clients.
• Understanding image licensing and using it as a tool to help meet your client’s budget.
• Building your confidence when it comes to asking to be paid for your services.

Setting your numbers and sticking to them can be difficult. As creative professionals we are often asked to lower our numbers or even work for free. This can feel especially difficult when working with nonprofits whose mission you admire. But if you want to run a successful photography business for nonprofits, you have to be paid fairly for your work to stay in business. We’ll help you find the number that allows you to be paid fairly while doing the work you love.

Learn more in our FAQ.


Your Instructors

Crystaline Randazzo (right) is a photographer, filmmaker, and content strategist who works with nonprofits and international organizations to share their stories through photos and videos. Her goal is vibrant, honest, and emotional storytelling that resonates with any audience.

Laura Elizabeth Pohl (left) has photographed and filmed for dozens of nonprofits across the United States, Africa and Asia. Her work has been honored by FotoWeek DC and the United Nations Association Film Festival, among others.

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What People Are Saying

“It can often be quite a challenge to find accurate information and resources online on pricing photography. There is a bit of weariness when you cold email someone to ask a business question. NGO Storytelling closes that gap. Crystaline and Laura have committed themselves not only to elevating their own work, but investing and supporting upcoming non-profit photographers and non-profit organizations. I highly recommend the course and will be sharing in my direct photography communities. It’s actual photographers speaking to photographers, sharing and providing excellent advice and business resources.”

Teanna Woods Okojie, Photographer, Filmmaker and e-Course beta tester