Our Team

NGO Storytelling is an all-volunteer team of two colleagues who make a living as humanitarian storytellers. We love talking about our work and our approach to storytelling. We’re happy to speak to you, your class or your organization in person or via Skype or Google Hangout. Or want to republish one of our blog posts? Contact us at hello@ngostorytelling.com.


Laura Elizabeth PohlLaura Elizabeth Pohl

I’m a documentary photographer and filmmaker who has worked with many international NGOs in Africa and Asia. I started NGO Storytelling to explore different ways of telling stories about humanitarian issues. There’s a tendency to fall into cliché storytelling: Person A had a problem, NGO B showed up and enrolled Person A in their program, then Person A’s life improved dramatically. We’ve all told this story before. I know I have. The cliché isn’t terrible. It just doesn’t do justice to people’s complex lives. It’s important to show the dignity of all people who have entrusted me with their stories. www.laurapohl.com






Crystaline Kline RandazzoCrystaline Kline Randazzo I’m a professional photographer with more than a dozen years of experience working in documentary, nonprofit, and portrait photography. I primarily work with nonprofits and international organizations to share their stories through photography and multimedia narratives. My work frequently focuses on women’s empowerment, agriculture, and education. My goal is vibrant, honest, and emotional photography that resonates with any audience. I love creating stories that deserve to be told and living a life of adventure with my husband and our furry Zambian cat. www.crystalinerandazzo.com