The Cost of Nonprofit Photography


Video #1: Introduction

Welcome to our course! We’re excited you’re here and we hope that this course will help photographers set fair prices for their services and nonprofits better understand the cost of photography. Let’s get started!


Video #2: The Cost of Photography

In this video, we’ll break down the average costs a photographer may have in their business. While every photographers cost will be different, it’s important to know what professional photographers bring to the table in terms of gear and expertise.

Cost of Photography Worksheet.png

Bonus Worksheet #1: The Cost of Photography

Have more questions? Be sure to check out our bonus worksheet on the Cost of Photography!


Video #3: What is the Standard Rate for Photography?

Everyone wants us to tell them the magic number to charge nonprofits for their business to be successful. We’re sorry to tell you this but there is no magic number. But we can still help you out, here are a few rules follow when setting your rates.


Video #4: Services A Nonprofit Photographer Could Provide

Have you ever been curious about what services you should provide? We’ll go through a sample invoice to show you the services and serviced descriptions that we provide to our clients.


Video #5: Doing Your Cost of Doing Business Calculation

This is the video you came here to see! We’ll walk you through calculating your cost of doing business and show you how to break those numbers into your daily or hourly rate.


Video #6: Let’s Talk Budget

While we could do an entire course on budget negotiations, we’ll share the most direct question you can ask when you’re negotiating for a job.


Video #7: Copyright

Understanding copyright can be a headache for nonprofits and photographers alike. We’ll share the basics of image licensing, the costs of different types of licensing, and ways you can change licensing to fit your budget.


Video 8: Conclusion

Congratulations! You made it through our course! If you’re a nonprofit we hope you better understand why photographers charge what they charge. And if you’re a photographer, we hope you’ll go out and charge what you deserve!