Negotiating Creative Fees With Clients

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(Note: I’m writing this from the point of view of someone who is often negotiating a creative fee with clients. But I understand the hiring side, too: in my last full-time job I contracted with lots of freelancers. So, although this information is targeted more toward freelance creatives, I hope it […]

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What You Should Charge Nonprofits for Photography

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One of the top questions people ask me and Crystaline is “How much should I charge nonprofits for photography?” They want to know about standard industry rates, which is important and should be a factor in determining what to charge. You don’t want to undercut the whole industry – and […]

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How I Convinced One Nonprofit That Storytelling Was Worth Paying For

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I hung up my cellphone and wondered if I had just ruined my chance to get my humanitarian photo career going. A nonprofit director, who found me through an old college professor, wanted to send me to Laos for one week to write stories and shoot some photos about his […]

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911 What is Your Photo Emergency?

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Did you ever have those times in your life where you really needed help but you didn’t know where to turn? I know I have. My feelings of helplessness are sometimes compounded by running a small business that creates storytelling media for nonprofits.   We don’t really like to talk […]

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