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You would never know by looking at these students’ crisp, white shirts and carefully styled hair that they had been attending school for weeks under a tent in Jacmel, Haiti. The school building of Marie Reine Imaculee was damaged and 400+ students no longer had a place to study. Class resumed under tents in steamy hot temperatures. © 2010 Crystaline Kline Randazzo. All Rights Reserved.

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Jobs Around the World: May 2016

Posted by | May 19

NOTE: Please don’t send your job applications to NGO Storytelling. We aggregate these postings as a service to you. To apply for a position, click the “Learn more about this job” link beneath each listing. Thanks! ———- Writer/Storyteller Research Manager at Families Against Mandatory Minimums in Washington, D.C. – Identify […]

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Writing Down the Details

Posted by | May 12

This is a guest post by Sara Fajardo, who is a multimedia storyteller based out of Lima, Peru. She first fell in love with storytelling when she was four years old and her family moved from Peru to the United States. Her father would send handwritten stories tucked into letters for her […]

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It’s Time To Tell A Different Nonprofit Story

Posted by | May 5

I’m tired of telling the same old, nonprofit story. And I’m searching for ways to start telling better ones. I’m certain I am not alone this is a area that most storytellers need to work on. If you’re like me, you’ll find that it’s easy to fall back on the […]

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World Press Freedom Day

Posted by | May 3

World Press Freedom Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December 1993, following the recommendation of UNESCO’s General Conference. Since then, 3 May, the anniversary of the Declaration of Windhoek is celebrated worldwide as World Press Freedom Day. It is an opportunity to: celebrate the fundamental principles of […]

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TechSoups Storymakers 4: Using Photos to Tell Your Organization’s Story

Posted by | May 3

  TechSoup is running an incredible campaign for nonprofit storytellers called Storymakers 2016. It’s an amazing space that is encouraging nonprofits to jump into the deep end of storytelling. This week, I am joining the campaign! I’ll be teaching a free webinar called, “Capture Your Audience with Visual Storytelling”. I […]

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World Immunization Week

Posted by | April 25

“I’m old enough to remember when the polio vaccine was still new. Also, it hadn’t been that long since most people who caught pneumonia died from it. These medical breakthroughs were practically miracles.” – Pat Cadigan

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Jobs Around the World: April 2016

Posted by | April 20

NOTE: Please don’t send your job applications to NGO Storytelling. We aggregate these postings as a service to you. To apply for a position, click the “Learn more about this job” link beneath each listing. Thanks! ——————– Creative Digital Media Coordinator Convoy of Hope in Springfield, MO The Creative Digital Media Coordinator […]

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Should Photographers Work for Nonprofits for Free?

Posted by | April 14

This year, I approached a nonprofit that worked with the homeless in DC and offered my services free of charge for a fundraising video for their nonprofit. Most of you know that I do photography and video professionally. I make my living off of nonprofit work so going around offering […]

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How to Create a Simple Video Interview Setup

Posted by | April 8

1. MAKE SURE YOUR EQUIPMENT IS READY — Ensure your camera battery is fully charged and your memory card has enough space. — A tripod will keep the camera steady during the whole interview. Attempting to handhold the camera will make much of the footage shaky and unusable. Even a simple tripod, like […]

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