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We are a resource for people telling stories about nonprofits in international development.
We believe that ethical photography, video, and multimedia stories help nonprofits show the impact of their projects, and increase funding and emotional connection to their work.
We also strongly believe in empowering beneficiaries worldwide to create a better life for themselves.


© Crystaline Kline Randazzo

You would never know by look at these students crisp, white shirts and carefully styled hair that they had been attending school for weeks under a tent in Jacmel, Haiti. The school building of Marie Reine Imaculee was damaged and 400+ students no longer had a place to study. Class resumed under tents in steamy hot temperatures. © 2010 Crystaline Kline Randazzo. All Rights Reserved.


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Start of the UN General Assembly General Debate

Posted by | September 28

World leaders start gathering at the United Nations today to discuss the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. There will be a lot of talking, which hopefully will lead to real change. (Photo © Laura Elizabeth Pohl)

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Your Nonprofit Needs to Give Up the Spotlight

Posted by | September 24

©Fotolia. Licensed to Crystaline Randazzo Photography, LLC.   Every story has a hero. A hero represents an ideal that all is right in the world. When the hero arrives, we expect them do something smart, brave, or fearless. We believe that they are capable of anything. There is one tiny […]

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Jobs Around the World: September 2015

Posted by | September 17

 Communications Officer for Mercy Corps in Democratic Republic of Congo Deadline: November 30th. The Communications Officer (CO) will lead the implementation of Mercy Corps DRC’s external communications strategy in coordination with the senior management. This position will also build the capacity of field offices across DRC to produce quality and timely […]

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Why It Pays to Hire a Professional Translator For Your Video Shoot

Posted by | August 26

I wish I could swallow a pill that would automatically give me fluency in foreign languages.   Until that pill comes along, I rely on people to translate for me when I’m filming in countries where I don’t speak the language. I usually suggest that the organization I’m working with […]

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Jobs Around the World: August 2015

Posted by | August 19

Regional Media and Communications Advisor for Oxfam in Nairobi Deadline: August 26 You will deliver high impact media coverage in national, regional and global markets by designing and implementing a regional media strategy to help bring change on core Oxfam issues, support global and national campaigns, highlight Oxfam’s development and […]

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My Competition Turned Into My Business Partner

Posted by | August 5

We live in a competitive world. And we are taught to compete at a young age. This isn’t something that we grow out of. One of the most vital lessons that I teach photographers is that other photographers are not the enemy. In fact, they could become source of income […]

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A rural teacher in Lira,Uganda wakes before the sun and does household chores prior to setting out to school for the day. © Crystaline Kline Randazzo

A rural teacher in Lira,Uganda wakes before the sun and does household chores prior to setting out to school for the day. © Crystaline Kline Randazzo