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We are a resource for people telling stories about nonprofits in international development.
We believe that ethical photography, video, and multimedia stories help nonprofits show the impact of their projects, and increase funding and emotional connection to their work.
We also strongly believe in empowering beneficiaries worldwide to create a better life for themselves.


© Crystaline Kline Randazzo

You would never know by look at these students crisp, white shirts and carefully styled hair that they had been attending school for weeks under a tent in Jacmel, Haiti. The school building of Marie Reine Imaculee was damaged and 400+ students no longer had a place to study. Class resumed under tents in steamy hot temperatures. © 2010 Crystaline Kline Randazzo. All Rights Reserved.


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International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Posted by | November 25

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Jobs Around the World: November 2015

Posted by | November 18

Director of Media & Marketing for Japan Society in Washington, DC Deadline: Unclear Director of Media & Marketing is responsible for all activities related to conceptualizing and implementing media and marketing strategy and achieving marketing goals, including creating, directing and executing integrated brand programs for Japan Society’s mission, targeting multiple […]

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Creating an Editorial Calendar

Posted by | November 11

(A version of this originally appeared on the Non-Profit Network website.)   You may have heard the term “editorial calendar” before but thought that was something just for magazines and newspapers. No – it’s for anyone with a blog or newsletter or social media feed, including nonprofits and NGOs. Put […]

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Understanding Image Licensing

Posted by | November 5

Twice a year I do free projects for small nonprofits. I take on pro bono work because I want to help nonprofits with limited budgets, educate the organizations on the power of storytelling and have more creative freedom in telling the story. I don’t believe in simply working for free […]

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What I Learned From My Public Mistake

Posted by | November 1

Nonprofit organizations are notoriously tight-lipped about their failures. Admitting you made a mistake is hard. Publicly admitting failure is even harder, but there’s value in sharing what went wrong and especially how you handled it and what you learned.   One of my biggest mistakes happened not at a nonprofit, […]

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Empathy Versus Sympathy in Storytelling

Posted by | October 28

I am a major Brené Brown fan. I find her research on vulnerability and storytelling to be a constant source of inspiration. I regularly stalk her blog. I just finished her latest book. And as if that wasn’t enough I also signed up for her Living Brave semester at Courageworks. […]

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