Editing Factoid: Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario

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In the vast migration that is changing the U.S., a Honduran boy rides a freight train through Mexico. Each year thousands of Central Americans stow away for 1,500 miles on the tops and sides of trains. Some are parents desperate to escape poverty. Many are children in search of a parent who left them behind long ago. Only the brave and the lucky reach their goal. Photo by Don Barletti/Los Angeles Times

Enrique’s Journey” by Los Angeles Times reporter Sonia Nazario tells the story of Enrique, a Honduran boy who travels by rail and foot across Central America and into the United States. His goal is to reunite with the mother who left him behind years ago so she could earn money to support her family.

Nazario spent 18 months reporting the story and six months writing the first draft, according to essays she wrote in “Telling True Stories.” The hard work paid off: Nazario won the Pulitzer for feature writing in 2003. Don Bartletti, the photographer, won a Pulitzer for feature photography that year.

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