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We think that ethical photography and video stories help nonprofits show the impact of their projects,
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Heather Rude-Turner reads to her son and daughter at their home in Springfield, Va. Heather depends on the EITC (the earned income tax credit) to help support her family. Photo by Laura Elizabeth Pohl for Bread for the World.

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Visual Stories for Nonprofits: Webdoc on Iraqi Refugees by Terre des Hommes

Posted by | October 5

This is a collaborative interview with the video project manager and the social media manager for the nonprofit Terre des hommes on their recent web documentary on Iraqi refugees entitled Heartbeats at Mosul’s Gates. Joakim Löb is the Digital & Video Project Manager at Terre des hommes. He’s based in […]

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What Photographers Wish Nonprofits Understood About Working Together

Posted by | September 28

I love my job. Not only are the people usually fun and interesting to work with, but I get to tell stories about topics I may otherwise never know about. I mean, how else would I ever learn firsthand about the rigors of cashew farming or the work that goes […]

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Podcast 3: How Photographers and Nonprofits Can Collaborate Successfully

Posted by | September 21

What does a successful collaboration between a photographer and a nonprofit look like? An unsuccessful one? In this podcast, we discuss keys to successful collaboration. If you’d like to see more of this kind of podcast, leave us a comment below or send a note to Crystaline: Hi, I’m Crystaline […]

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Jobs Around the World: September 2017

Posted by | September 14

NOTE: Please don’t send your job applications to NGO Storytelling. We aggregate these postings as a service to you. To apply for a position, click the “Learn more about this job” link beneath each listing. Thank you! Senior African Communications Associate for One Acre Fund in Nairobi Deadline: October 10, […]

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Thomas Patterson: The Editor’s Take on Working With Photographers

Posted by | September 8

Photography can be a lonely business.   When I was a full-time photographer, I often felt like a lone wolf, moving from assignment to assignment, shoot to shoot, without much of a connection to the audience for my work and without the feedback from clients I needed to improve. Too […]

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How Do I Know If My Story Is Actually A Story?

Posted by | August 24

I once spent an entire year studying storytelling. I wanted to understand why some stories held more power than others. What made them different? I looked at a lot of stories. And I saw things that people were trying to sell as stories that were totally missing narrative. So here […]

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Jobs Around the World: August 2017

Posted by | August 10

NOTE: Please don’t send your job applications to NGO Storytelling. We aggregate these postings as a service to you. To apply for a position, click the “Learn more about this job” link beneath each listing. Thanks! Director of Digital Creative for International Rescue Committee in New York Deadline: November 3, […]

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The Value of Telling a Real Story – Warts and All

Posted by | August 3

Oftentimes, the real-life stories we remember the most are marked by twists and turns, obstacles, and failure. Like the one about the world-famous ballerina rejected from a ballet academy when she was 13. Or the one about a man’s sleepwalking disorder that nearly killed him. Or the one about a […]

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We’d Love to Meet You This Week

Posted by | July 5

Crystaline and I are together in the United States and we’d love to meet you! ONLINE: Join us for a Facebook Live chat on Thursday, July 6, from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. EST. We’ll be answering questions about getting started in NGO work, negotiating contracts and pay, and everything in between. Ask us anything about nonprofit storytelling or […]

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