Storytelling: "Simple Tools" by Catholic Relief Services

Screenshot of "Simple Tools, Big Benefit" from the Catholic Relief Services website.

"Simple Tools, Big Benefit" from Catholic Relief Services is almost two years old but it's still a strong illustration of how simple can be very effective.

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, CRS wanted to show how they use various tools in their relief and recovery operations. They came up with an interactive photo and text feature where the user scrolls over an image, learns what the tool is, then clicks on the picture of each tool to see more photographs and captions of each tool in use. It's easy to tell what's in each picture (except perhaps the megaphone) and it's fairly easy to navigate through the different levels of pictures and text. I only wish it were easier to find "Simple Tools, Big Benefit" on the CRS website.

Hat tip to my friend Jim Stipe, photo editor at Catholic Relief Services, who told me about this feature a few weeks ago.

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